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Our experience with Ciccone McKay has been excellent.

“Our experience with Ciccone McKay has been excellent. They are very customer focused, very knowledgeable and experienced in the products and services they provide, and very transparent and diligent in providing excellent reporting on the status of our accounts.”

- Mike Cordoba - CEO, Empresario Capital

I am extremely pleased with the service…

“I am extremely pleased with the service that Anthony and Gerry have provided me with. Specifically, the IPP that they created for me and helped me establish has proven to be a very effective retirement planning program. It is a great vehicle for mature executives as well as business owners, managers and professionals.

The IPP is also perfect for providing me with additional tax deferred protection over and above my group RRSP. The flexibility of contributions allows for additional advances in good years and lesser ones in poorer years, making it the ideal solution for all my retirement needs.

The Ciccone/McKay team helped me through every step of the process, ensuring that I was kept up to date on all procedures and that the IPP was specific to my individual needs and retirement goals. I would recommend the Ciccone/McKay team to anyone who is looking for assistance or advice with their financial or retirement goals.”

   - Warwick Reid - President, Horton Trading Ltd., Vancouver, BC

Very responsive to our needs...

“We have been working with Gerry McKay for over 20 years, when he first took care of our group RRSP needs. As time went on and we got to know him, we turned to him for more services, including our employee benefit plan. It is important to seek people you can trust and then to hold on to them. That is what we did with Gerry and that is why we are still working with him today.

The length of our relationship with him speaks for itself. Not only does he ensure that our employees are well taken care of and that they have the best benefit plan possible, he is also very responsive to our needs, ensuring that we understand and have clarity on all matters and that we have the most up to date information.

There are many people who can provide us with an employee benefit plan, but what makes Gerry and the Ciccone/McKay team stand out from the rest is their service.”

   - Kate Wighton - President, Elan Data Makers, Vancouver, BC

The Ciccone/McKay team has given me security...

“In the past, I had never given my financial portfolio much thought. Anthony taught me the importance of having a balanced financial portfolio and made me more aware of areas of my life that needed attention. He explained the philosophy in a way that was not too pushy or aggressive, but more informative. The two concepts of the Ciccone/McKay philosophy that influenced me the most were the areas of risk management and investment strategies.

Working with the Ciccone/McKay team has given me security knowing that my family will be taken care of and protected should anything happen to me. I trust Anthony to handle all of my RRSP contributions and to decide where they should be invested - something I would not let just anybody do. I trust Anthony and I know that he handles my money as if it were his own.

From the moment I met Anthony, I knew he was a good person and someone I could trust. I would not hesitate to recommend him to anybody I know and have already recommended him to several of my friends.” 

   - John Matak - Coquitlam,BC

Taken the worry off our minds...

“Eleven years ago, when I was looking for a financial advisor to take care of my estate planning and family trust needs, my attorney recommended that I talk with Anthony Ciccone. Since then, I have developed a personal relationship with Anthony, one where I trust him to take care of my family’s most important business and financial needs and some of my most private information.

I feel completely confident and secure in having the Ciccone/McKay team take care of my needs as I know that they are always working in my best interests and providing me with the best options. The Ciccone/McKay team has helped me and my family simplify the estate planning process and has really taken the worry off our minds. Their knowledge, experience, attention to detail and personal approach enables me to know that I can rely on their recommendations without any hesitation.” 

   - Bruno Benedet Jr. - Bosa Foods, Vancouver, BC

I feel very comfortable recommending Ciccone/McKay to my clients…

“In an industry where financial advisors can provide similar products to their clients, it is important to distinguish yourself from the rest of the pack. Anthony and the Ciccone/McKay team do this by taking a personal interest in their clients. Not only do they take the time to get to know their clients and find a solution that will fit their individual needs, they are also proactive in planning for their clients’ future.

For the past 10 years, I have known Anthony as someone who provides expert and positive advice to all of his clients. As a result, I feel very comfortable recommending Ciccone/McKay to my clients as I know they are reputable advisors who always provide solutions that are in the best interest of their clients.”

   - Graeme Davies - Chartered Accountant, Grant Thornton LLP

I am now on the right path to achieving these goals…

“As a business owner, Anthony has been my trusted advisor for the past 12 years, helping me make clearer, and more strategic and tactical decisions. He is one of the last people I talk to before I make any major decision regarding my personal or business finances.

When I started working with Anthony, my long term goals included achieving financial freedom, accumulating wealth and preparing for retirement. With Anthony’s help, I am now on the right path to achieving these goals.

The “Building a Balanced Financial Portfolio” approach that the Ciccone/McKay team uses is really a common sense approach to your financial life. If you apply these concepts, in 10 years I guarantee you will see results. It is this model, which can be applied to anyone, that helps you stay on track and keeps you disciplined to achieve your goals. I am confident that by working with Anthony and the Ciccone/McKay team, I will ultimately achieve my goals.” 

   - Anthony Kuschak - Vancouver, BC

Level of customer service, industry knowledge and genuineness are second to none…

“As a Chartered Accountant, my clients come to me as their trusted advisor and often request referrals for other service professionals. I only recommend people who possess the same values and ethics as I do, as well as people who look after their clients’ best interests instead of their own.

With my credibility on the line, I know that Anthony Ciccone and the team at Ciccone/McKay will do an excellent job for my clients. I feel comfortable aligning myself with Anthony and recommending him to my clients as his level of customer service, industry knowledge and genuineness are second to none.” 

   - Dino Infanti - Chartered Accountant, Vancouver, BC

Integral to my personal financial planning…

“I have worked with Anthony Ciccone for over 10 years and it has been an excellent experience for me. As someone I trust, I know that Anthony always has my best interests in mind and always follows through on his commitments. His financial knowledge and entrepreneurial creativity make him integral to my personal financial planning.

Having worked with other financial consultants in the past, what makes the Ciccone/McKay team unique is how I feel that they actually care about my short and long term goals. They have helped me achieve balance in my financial life by advising me on the best strategies for saving money, RRSP investing and leveraged borrowing. I now have an increased sense of safety knowing that the future has been looked after for me and my family. I would recommend Ciccone/McKay’s services to anyone wanting to improve on their plans for the future in terms of smart investing.” 

   - Brad Leitch - President, Soccercity Enterprises

The service they have provided us has been top rate…

“When it was time to re-evaluate our employee benefit program, we talked to the team at Ciccone/McKay and knew right away that they were different from the other consultants we had worked with.

Ciccone/McKay has been instrumental in helping my company of over 200 employees incorporate a new employee benefits program. The service that they have provided us has been top rate. They are very tenacious and diligent with the information they provide to us, ensuring that all of our needs are taken care of in a timely manner. We know that they have worked in our best interests to get the best rate possible and we feel good knowing that our benefit costs will be contained in the future.”

   - Rick Ripoli – Stylus Sofas, Burnaby, BC

A business and personal relationship that I and my family value greatly…

“When I was looking for a financial consultant for myself and my family business, I met with several different companies and individuals. None of them had the same focus and individual attention as Ciccone/McKay Financial Group did. With a focus on the “bigger picture” and long term planning, I always know that they have my best interests in mind. I know that I made the right choice with Ciccone/McKay as they are not only very good at what they do, they are very sincere and truly honorable people.

Ciccone/McKay plays a big part in our life, working with all aspects of the business to monitor changes and adjust our plans accordingly. The advice and planning process that Ciccone/McKay has helped us achieve has affected three generations of our family.

Working with Anthony and his team for the past 10 years has been an extremely positive experience for both me and my family. They have been instrumental in successfully shaping our estate planning and financial future, a business and personal relationship that I and my family value greatly. We now have financial security for the present and the future.” 

   - Troy Zanatta – Restwell Sleep Products, Surrey, BC

I know I am taken care of...

“The Ciccone/McKay team has been instrumental in helping me establish a strong foundation for my financial future. Their approach to a balanced financial portfolio has helped me gain insight into my future needs and has resulted in me developing a savings account, RRSP contributions and life insurance premiums.

Anthony and his team are very personable people, something that is very important to me when I am in a working relationship. They take the time to explain and make sure that I understand everything before something is implemented. With their personal approach, regular “check-ins” and professional advice, I know I am taken care of with Ciccone/McKay.” 

   - Cheryl Pizzacalla - Vancouver, BC

They are always generous with their advice...

“What sets Ciccone/McKay (Immix Group) apart from the others is their ability to understand the unique aspects of my business. They are so good at customizing programs that I am confident I have the best fit for my company. On top of that, they actively manage the program so that adjustments can be made along the way.

The team at Ciccone/McKay (Immix Group) has great problem-solving skills and they always come up with creative options and solutions to problems. They’re just smarter than the rest!

Their service is extremely good, they have great relationships with their suppliers, they offer competitive pricing and they are always generous with their advice.

You couldn’t pay me to switch!”

   - Kelly Maxwell - Line 21 Media Services Ltd., Vancouver, BC

They are so responsive that it’s like having a dedicated HR person on staff...

“The team at Ciccone/McKay (Immix Group) went out of its way to really understand our business before they customized our employees’ benefits package. Our company has grown rapidly over the last few years, particularly with acquisitions, which means that our benefits needs are constantly changing.

And Ciccone/McKay (Immix Group) is right there to help us as we grow. They are so responsive that it’s like having a dedicated HR person on staff. Anthony and Lindsay communicate directly with our employees – and no question is too big or too small. They always have the answer.

Adding Ciccone/McKay (Immix Group) to our team has allowed us to be much more efficient and focused on what we do best.”

   - Robin Chakrabarti - Empresario Capital

They gave me lots of face time and created a no-pressure environment that made me comfortable...

“When I started shopping for a new group benefits program, I was amazed at the indifference with which my potential business was treated. Then I met Anthony. He made me feel like my business mattered and was important to him; I wasn’t just another client. Anthony gave me lots of face time and created a no-pressure environment that made me comfortable.

His traditional communication style is sincere and real. I know Anthony cares and will always give me his best. And in this rat race, sometimes that counts more than anything else.”

   - Nathan Mellalieu - Studeo 55

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