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Wealth Management

When it comes to Wealth Management, our approach is to work with you to determine the best strategies and products to help you achieve your financial goals and objectives. Regardless of the financial stage of life you are in, we will help you to grow, manage, protect and ultimately transfer your wealth to the next generation.

At Ciccone/McKay, it is our belief that the wealth management component of your balanced financial portfolio should include short term, mid term, and long term saving and investing. Working with you, we determine the best solutions to achieve your goals, keeping in mind your tolerance for risk, your investment time horizon, and how you intend to use your funds in the future. As independent financial advisors, we utilize a variety of strategies and products from a variety of investment providers.

Ciccone/McKay will work with you to determine a solution that fits your lifestyle and your financial needs. In dealing with individuals and businesses, our philosophy is to do our best to ensure that our clients have:


  • Creditor protection
  • Capital and maturity guarantees
  • The ability to bypass probate


Please call us at 604.688.5262 for more information on how we can help you determine the wealth management strategy that will work for you.


Ciccone/McKay will work with you to determine a solution that fits into your lifestyle and your financial plans, while determining the right type and the right amount of insurance.



Strategies for business owners



When discussing Wealth Management with business owners, we understand that the needs and concerns of business owners are unique, and require tailored solutions. We ensure that you are invested in the right products based on your tolerance for risk, your time horizon for investing, and your individual needs in regard to tax, business and estate planning. The following strategies and products are particularly useful for businesses and business owners...


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Strategies for Individuals

When discussing personal wealth management, our approach is to ensure your wealth management strategy fits into your overall balanced financial portfolio. It is important that we have a clear understanding of your tolerance for risk, your time horizon for saving and investing, and the various plans you have for the funds you set aside.


For most people, it is important to save and invest for the short term, the mid term and the long term, and to ensure you set aside funds not only for retirement, but for the emergencies and opportunities that will arise on your path to retirement.

The following strategies and products make up the wealth management component of your balanced financial portfolio.


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The Core & Explore Approach

Our philosophy for investing is simple. We choose a "core" for your portfolio that reflects your personal investment style, then we diversify this a little further through the "explore" portion of your portfolio. The result is a portfolio that predominantly reflects the level of risk you are comfortable with and the length of time you will need to access your money, but one that allows for access to various areas of the investment marketplace.


Core – A well-defined, long-term, managed portfolio fund that addresses many areas of the marketplace, is designed to suit an individual's level for risk tolerance.


Explore – Specific, more specialized investment funds that are focused on areas of the marketplace that may be under-represented or missing in the core portfolio fund. These funds can be adjusted and switched to take advantage of new funds or investment goals, or to reflect changes in your risk tolerance.


The approach we take to investing money is always evolving to reflect the changes taking place in the marketplace and the world. The "core and explore" strategy allows access to many areas of the market, but avoids the impossibility of choosing the "winners" in a vast array of investment funds. This approach acknowledges who you are and your investment goals. Periodic reviews of your portfolio are held in order re-balance and align it with your current goals and lifestyle.


Please call us at 604.688.5262 for more information on how we can help you.




People desire a future that is superior to their past and present. When it comes to wealth management, they want their objectives to be understood, to reach their goals, and to live life on their terms.


It is the trusted advisor’s responsibility to help their clients realize their ambitions.


With this common commitment, Ciccone McKay Financial Group and Gavin Private Counsel have endeavoured to create a special partnership, in order to provide a unique portfolio management offering that recognizes the value of long term relationships and the alignment of interests.


With the constantly evolving capital market opportunities and the changing regulatory landscape, at Ciccone McKay we have identified the benefit of collaborating with complementary service providers to offer specialized knowledge and optimal results.


At Ciccone McKay, we believe a specific plan helps maintain the discipline required to achieve your long-term objectives. Gavin Private Counsel shares a similar philosophy:


“Humility is a trait not often attributed to an investment philosophy. However, this element is the foundation for portfolio design at Gavin Private Counsel.”


Gavin Private Counsel uses a multi-asset class investment management approach personalised to suit the specific financial objectives and risk profile of its clients. Over time, the prospect for achieving long-term financial goals is enhanced by a disciplined investment practice, and limiting downside volatility encourages commitment to the long-term strategy.


The partnership between Ciccone McKay and Gavin Private Counsel will have tangible benefits for investors. The list below identifies several of the anticipated improvements:


  • Customized portfolio design
  • Multi-asset class portfolios
  • Greater risk management
  • Fee transparency
  • Cost savings
  • Enhanced performance reporting
  • Tax efficiency
  • Highest standards of ethics
  • Integration with a comprehensive financial program


Gavin Private Counsel
To learn more about Gavin Private Counsel, please visit their website at www.gavingroup.ca



5 Strategies for Dealing with Difficult Markets

When markets are volatile, it’s natural to be worried about the impact on your portfolio. And when you’re worried, you want to take action.

However, it’s important to recognize that sometimes the best course of action may be to do nothing. If you have a sound investment plan, you already may be in the best possible position to weather the market storms.

We realize that it can be painful and upsetting to watch the value of your investments experience a significant drop. To assist you in understanding market volatility and in protecting your portfolio, we present five strategies for dealing with difficult markets.


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