Intergenerational Financial Planning

Intergenerational Financial Planning:

Preserving and Building Intergenerational Wealth

When it comes to planning for the future, many people seek advice from various unconnected professionals: lawyers, accountants, insurance and investment advisors and so on. While many produce excellent work, these professionals often operate within the focus of their own profession. The problem with this approach to planning is it typically results in gaps and incompletions for the overall financial plan as individual strategies fail to align with one another. 

These concerns are solved by the approach used by Ciccone McKay’s Intergenerational Financial Planning division.

Working alongside other professional advisors, our process begins by reviewing and prioritizing your values, goals, objectives and circumstances, in order to address the issues that are most important to you.  By fully understanding your wishes and goals for the future, we can build a customized, comprehensive, holistic plan with specific long-term strategies to ensure everything happens exactly as you envision. We call this your Playbook.

 After thoroughly reviewing the implications of these strategies, we take direction from you to develop an action plan to implement any recommendations and refer you to other professionals as required.

But it doesn't end there. We understand that financial planning is an ongoing process and we will continue to assess and revise your plan to ensure it remains relevant and accurate as your situation and objectives evolve over time.

You can count on our integrated team of experts to help guide you in building, preserving, and transferring your family’s wealth and legacy across many generations. Given how long it took to build your wealth, shouldn’t you protect it for future generations?

Developing your customized Playbook is done on a fee-for-service basis; fees range based on complexity and scope.




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